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What You Don't Know Can Kill You

What You Don't Know Can Kill You

"Dr. Nathanson has succeeded brilliantly in meeting a desperate public need. Though medical science has advanced in recent years, medical care as a whole has evolved into a confusing maze. In this, Dr. Nathanson is our experienced guide. What I like most about the book is that it is so user-friendly, with no medical jargon or pass-the-buck lists of websites. Best of all, its warmth, humor, and lack of bitterness are a tribute to her decades-long experience as a beloved pediatrician."
--Daniel Yankelovich, Chairman and Co-Founder with Cyrus Vance of The Public Agenda: A non-partisan opinion research and civic engagement organization helping Americans explore and understand critical issues since 1975.

"This book, written by a superb doctor and a moral and sympathetic human being, is a true testament to the failings of the medical system. Described by an insider who has seen the painful cost of the current way of doing things in health care, it is accurate and fair. It is an owners manual and navigational chart for getting through the medical system in one piece.

"Doctors will sadly recognize it as truthful and accurate. Laymen should read it only if they ever plan to get sick. If they never expect to need health care they needn't bother."
--Fred Frumin MD, FAAP

"WOW, what a book -- a perfect guide for those just embarking on a medical journey and a valuable resource for people like me -- already surviving a major illness -- who wish to better manage their health care for all of time."
--The Cancer Blog

"The book presents a well thought out approach to navigating the health care system and preempting problems before or soon after they arise."

"Absolutely Eye Opening! An empowering and essential primer for self help in the diagnosis and treatment of any serious disease."
--New Book Reviews

"Unless you know for sure you and everyone you love will never need medical care, consider this book a 'must have.'"
--Mind Connection

"Everyone should read it!"
--Round Table Reviews

"What Dr. Nathanson has done is made it clear to people that mistakes happen in medicine, and the diligent patient or family member can do their part to help minimize these mistakes. As a physician, I see this as a good thing. Any physician who feels threatened by Dr. Nathanson's efforts should seriously re-evaluate his ego."

"What You Don't Know Can Kill You is a useful contribution to patient care."

"Compelling personal story . . . A passion to prevent medical disasters . . .Clear advice in plain English."

The Portable Pediatrician

The Portable Pediatrician

"It's an excellent -- one might even say indispensable -- resource for the new parent, and Nathanson has a great bedside manner: she shares her expertise clearly, confidently and sometimes with even a touch of humor."
--Publishers Weekly

The Portable Pediatrician's Guide to Kids

The Portable Pediatrician's Guide to Kids

"In a lively and reassuring tone, neither perky nor pedantic, Nathanson answers the questions -- and some of the prayers -- of parents who have grown beyond the baby stage."
--Publishers Weekly

"Intended to describe the evolution of children's capacities to think, learn, feel, and behave, these warm, detailed essays help in enhancing parenting skills by enlightening and reassuring parents unsure about how well their children are doing or uneasy about being left out as their offspring mature."


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